Add oil to fire: SMO and Monad — a flammable combination

Euan pointed me to an interesting article about the use of Monad together with SMO. Those who know me well, know I am somewhat of a scripting biggot and still install Cygwin on all of my boxes as I cannot live without bash, awk, perk, sed, expr and the various other UNIX tools that I have used over the years. I have been somewhat of a Monad sceptic, but once I saw what the vision behind it was I was quickly turned around. Now history will tell whether MSH is going to be the big hit I expect it to be. But there are several teams here already deeply investing in it and Exchange is a team that already showcases a deep use of Monad and event built their management UI on top of it. SQL Server DBA's have potentially a lot to gain from a good Monad implementation with a set of well implemented cmdlets*.

I'd love to know what type of cmdlets you'd like to see for SQL Server/SMO, bye the way... This is something we're looking into for the next release.


*If want to know what a cmdlet is, take a look at this deck or this MSDN article.

Comments (13)

  1. Duncan Godwin says:

    There’s an initial take on msh/smo here:

  2. Chip says:

    Why do you install CYGWIN instead of SFU?  Just curious.  I have scripts written in Korn shell, so I prefer SFU.

  3. mwories says:

    I happen to be a long term bash user. Just happen to like the environment, but there is no reason I should not be able to use SFU… Just did not have the cycles to install it.

  4. Vasu says:

    I think an article on how to use SMO with Monad is in order, hopefully from the horse’s mouth (SQL team 🙂 ). The pluralsight article is ‘nice’ but uses a lot of deprecated functions (LoadWithPartialName).

    Currently I am working on something that is using this and I found there was no (google)known reference to anything other than the pluralsight article.

    Deprecated functions, are another form of hacked way of doing things on a command line where things should never change, but it is there..

  5. DBMwS says:

    I have just started to play around with SMO.  In my opinion, PowerShell has been really useful without getting my hands too dirty with VS 2005, initially.

    Getting familiar with SMO through simple PowerShell script would definately increase more DBAs or developers to get to know SMO and see how powerful and flexible it is.

    As of 07/28/2006, I am still not seeing examples of using SMO through powershell(except the one done by Dan Sullivan.

    I am looking forward to more SMO examples in powershell to automate some SQL Server tasks.

    > bye the way… This is something we’re looking into for the next release

    I just can’t wait! 😉

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