Types, Metatypes and Bears, Redux

I made a quick post a few months back where I tried to talk about the way the designer works and lets us design types, as well as simply configure instances of types. There were a couple of key points that I wanted to make there in that post: The workflow designer can configure instances…


Navigating the WF4 Beta 2 Samples

Hot off the presses (and the download center) come the WF4 Beta 2 samples here.  The team has invested a lot of time into these samples and they provide a good way to get up to speed on the way a particular feature or group of features work together. Note, there are 2300 files to…


Usability Testing the WF Designer vNext (or, Yelling at Customers)

One of the things that my team is working on is the next version of the workflow designer.  In order to help us get real feedback, we engaged with our usability teams to design and execute a usability study.  For details on what the test looks like (when we did them 3 years ago for…


Pageflow questions: "What about WCSF / Acropolis / Codename ‘foo’"?

So, I got a little bit of feedback from my initial post.  First, thanks, it’s great to see all of the interest in the technology.  I want to use this as the place to answer common questions that arise about the sample.  Here’s one that I got internally as well as externally(here, here ) What about…


Pageflow Questions: Why not a state machine?

Here’s a comment from my initial post introducing the pageflow sample from wleong: NavigatorWorkflow looks like a state machine to me.  Why create a new workflow type? Tuesday, June 12, 2007 3:44 AM by wleong This is a good question.  There a couple of reasons why we create our own workflow type: To more accurately model…


Two Cool Technologies, One Great Solution

My peer, David, has a great screencast posted on Channel9 that shows off a solution from FullArmor that incorporates WF and PowerShell and one really cool looking designer. On my list of cool things to check out when I have free time (currently June 2015) is PowerShell.  It’s a great tool for devs to make…


WF and BizTalk Server 2006 R2

One of the cool things coming in BizTalk R2 is a tracking service for WF that talks to BAM.  Jesus Rodriguez has put together a walkthrough of using the BizTalk Server R2 BAM interceptor for WF.


Matt and Paul talk WF

A few weeks back Paul Andrew and I sat down with Ron Jacobs to record this Arcast about WF.    The funny thing is that a few weeks before that, Paul Andrew and I sat down with Ron Jacobs to record that same Arcast, except there was a problem with the microphone and Ron’s voice…


Back From Barcelona

I arrived into SEA yesterday around 3, so I’m feeling a little bit of the ‘lag from my week in Barcelona.  A few things to point out: Tim has a fantastic “Vista on the M400” post.  The little dude’s getting an upgrade while this gets typed, results in a future post Kudos to who-ever put…


Did you hear the news, .NET 3.0 is live

Things got signed off last week, and early yesterday (depending on the timezone), the RTM build was published on MSDN.  James put the details up on the community site, and there’s been a ton of people headed to check it out (look at all the trackbacks on James’ post).  Thank you to all of the…