Off to Barcelona!

I’m in the office this morning, wrapping some things up and then it’s wheels up to Barcelona for a week.  Paul, Clemens, Shy and I will all be there hanging out somewhere between our talks and the Connected Systems booths, so stop on by and say hi!


Look Mom, We Made CNET!!!

The workflow Technical Learning Center appears in CNET’s “The View From TechEd 2006”


A Quick Update

I was out of town for most of this week, so I am busy catching up on things here.  First, I would like to thank Jon for this post, pointing out some areas of improvement which can be made in the designer re-hosting sample that I pointed to.  Paul then let me know that Vihang’s…


Yet Another TechEd Post

There is one additional chalk-talk that is not in the previous list.  In addition to chalk talks that dive deep into technical areas, we’ve got one from a customer who has just wrapped up a project that deployed Workflow.  Marc has been working with them on this, and they’re going to talk about what they’ve…


So, maybe you’re not going to TechEd this year…

No problem, you can still take part in the sessions.  Dennis will be doing one that talks about using Workflow Foundation and WCF together, always a topic a lot of people ask about.  It just so happens that talk will be broadcast live.  There’s also a talk broadcast live on ASP.NET and WF.  If that’s not what…


Workflow @ TechEd 2006

The scene: Boston, June 20006 The story: Workflow is going to be out in full force, we’ve got a ton of great sessions lined up, and we’ve tried to create a bunch of good chalk-talks for people to attend when they just can’t get enough workflow!  Ok, to be specifice, we’ve got 15 workflow sessions,…