Advanced Workflow Service Talk (Demo 4 of 4)

When we start doing this two way style of messaging, we now open up to start modeling some interesting business problems.  In the previous post, you’ll note that I did not include the code, because I mentioned we needed to be more clever in scenarios where we listen in parallel.  First, a brief diversion into…


Advanced Workflow Services Talk (Demo 3 of 4)

So, we’ve seen in part 1 how to manage context, we saw in part 2 how we can take that basic knowledge to do duplex messaging.  Once we start doing duplex work, there are some interesting patterns, and the first one is one that we like to call "long running work".  Why are we interested…


Q & A on Advanced Workflow Services talk

Martin posted an interesting question here on my last post: <quote> The first thing that we need to do in order to enable this duplex messaging to occur is that the "client" workflow has to explicitly provide its context token to the service so that the service can address the appropriate instance of the client…


Advanced Workflow Services Talk (Demo 2 of 4)

A continuation of my series of demos from my advanced workflow services talk.  Here we focus on duplex message exchange patterns. Duplex messaging is something that we model at the application level (as opposed to the infrastructure level) because we want to model that message exchange at the level of the application.  Here’s some scenarios…


Advanced Workflow Services Talk (Demo 1 of 4)

So, last week I wrapped up a conversation at TechReady, our internal conference, where I was talking about the integration between WF and WCF in .NET 3.5.  This talk was somewhat bittersweet, it’s the last conference where I’m scheduled to talk about WF 3.0/3.5, I’ll start talking about WF 4.0 at PDC this fall.  There…


Workflows that don’t start with a Receive

A question recently came up on an internal list about how to start a workflow to do some work and then have it accept a message via a Receive activity.  This led to an interesting discussion that provides some insight into how the WorkflowServiceHost instantiates workflows in conjunction with the ContextChannel. Creating a Message Activated…


VS 2008 RTM’s!

As widely reported on blogs far and wide, Visual Studio 2008 has been released to manufacturing (or shipped, available, ready to get, etc).  MSDN subscribers can do their part to degrade the global bandwidth supply and get in the download queue via the subscription center, trial editions are available here.  One can also simply get…


Regarding Re-use of Context-aware Proxies

Yesterday, following my "What’s the context for this conversation" presentation, I was approached with the following question: I am sharing a singleton client that I want to use to interact with multiple workflow instances, how do I change the context for each of them. Completely unbeknownst to me, Wenlong, one of the product team’s more…


VS 2008 Beta 2 Shipped : 0 to Workflow Service in 60 seconds

So, per Soma’s blog, this great Channel9 video, and a bunch of other places, VS 2008 Beta 2 is available for download (go here). Others are covering their favorite feature in depth, I want to cover one of mine: the WCF test client, which I will show by way of creating a Workflow Service application….


Paste XML as Serializable Type

Every now and then, there’s a really cool feature that’s buried somewhere that just hits you and makes you say “Wow, that’s insanely helpful, why didn’t somebody think of this sooner.”  I was playing around with the BizTalk Services SDK, specifically the different web programming bits and pieces and stumbled up on the Paste As…