Thoughts on Flowchart

Last night I saw that Maurice had a few tweets that caught my attention about flowchart, but this is the one that I want to talk about: Come to think of it I also really mis a parallel execution in a flowchart. But other than that flowcharts rock! #wf4 #dmabout 13    hours ago via web…


Finding the Variables in Scope Within the WF Designer

In this thread, one of our forum customers asked the question: “how do I find all of the variables that are in scope for a given activity in the designer?” We do not have a public API to do this.  Internally we have a helper type called VariableHelper that we use to display the list…


Activities Survey

So, we’re getting close to .NET 3.5 getting out the door, and as always we’re thinking about what comes next.  The activities team is looking how to make activities better going forward, and they are very interested in what you have to say, how you have been using them and how you’d like to use…


Implementing the N of M Pattern in WF

The second in my series of alternate execution patterns (part 1) I recently worked with a customer who was implementing what I would call a “basic” human workflow system. It tracked approvals, rejections and managed things as they moved through a customizable process. It’s easy to build workflows like this with an Approval activity, but…


Different Execution Patterns with WF (or, Going beyond Sequential and State Machine)

How do I do this? A lot of times people get stuck with the impression that there are only two workflow models available: sequential and state machine. True, out of the box these are the two that are built in, but only because there are is a set of common problems that map nicely into…


Dynamically Generating an Operation Contract in Orcas using WF

This kicks off a set of posts where I’ll be discussing some of the interesting features coming out in Orcas. I want to focus on this post on the Receive Activity, and a nice little feature in the designer that lets you create a contract on the fly, without having to drop into code and…


Mechanical Turk Activities

Mark Blomsma has put together some activities and an article which shows how to interact with Amazon’s Mechanical Turk with WF activities. I’ve linked to the sample on here. Cool, cool, cool