How I Spent My Winter Vacation

I haven't posted since prior to PDC, and since then it's been a whirl wind.  You see, in the middle of September, my wife and I had a healthy baby boy, so I've been a little busy since then with things like diapers, visiting family, etc.  Given the huge time crunch of PDC, I decided to cash in on Microsoft's awesome parental leave benefit and I have been away from work for a little over a month. 

I started working for my dad's company during the summer when I was still in high school, in college I worked summers to pay tuition, and following graduation went right to work two weeks later.  I've never taken this much time away from work, brendan with grinand I sorely regret not having done it sooner.  When my daughter was born, I was unable to take much more than a week or so off, and I miss having been able to spend this kind of time with her. My boss and grand-boss were very supportive, including a few gentle slaps on the wrist when I did log in to check on a few emails.

This gave me a great opportunity to really unplug after a crazy year, and an even crazier PDC.  Most importantly though, it let me really spend a lot of quality time with my new son while he's at a pretty fun age (as you can see from the grin)

I stayed pretty true to my commitment to avoid work stuff, but I did keep up on tech news (including fun rumors) and started to lurk through some ASP.NET MVC stuff earlier in the break.  I've begun to become much more addicted to google reader, friendfeed and twitter than is probably healthy

I also got to do a fair amount of reflection on work, what we're doing, what I'm doing, and how excited I am about the work that my team is doing.

I'll be getting back to my more regular series of postings, first on some WF things, and then I'll start doing more posts on Oslo and more specifically, Quadrant.

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  1. jennmar says:

    What a doll he is!!!  Congratulations, Matt!

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