Oslo PDC Sessions Posted

Late last night, the PDC team posted an additional "bunch" of sessions, including one I'm particularly interested in:

Extending Windows Workflow Foundation v.Next with Custom Activities

Presenter: Matt Winkler

Windows Workflow Foundation (WF) coordinates and manages individual units of work, encapsulated into activities. The next version of WF comes with a library of activities, including Database and PowerShell. Learn how to extend this library by encapsulating your own APIs with custom activities. See how to compose those basic activities into higher level units using rules, flowchart, or state machine control flow styles. Learn how to extend beyond WF control styles by building your own. Learn how to customize and re-host the workflow authoring experience using the new WF designer framework.


Advanced, WF

They also posted a number of other interesting Oslo sessions that folks might be interested in, these cover a wide range of the things that our group is doing:

  • "Oslo:" The Language - Don Box and David Langworthy
    • "Oslo" provides a language for creating schemas, queries, views, and values. Learn the key features of the language, including its type system, instance construction, and query. Understand supporting runtime features such as dynamic construction and compilation, SQL generation, and deployment. Learn to author content for the "Oslo" repository and understand how to programmatically construct and process the content.

  • "Oslo:" Customizing and Extending the Visual Design Experience - Florian Voss
    • "Oslo" provides visual tools for writing data-driven applications and services. Learn how to provide a great experience over domain-specific schemas, and explore the basic user model, data-driven viewer construction, user-defined queries, and custom commands. See how the design experience itself is an "Oslo" application and is driven by content stored in the "Oslo" repository.

  • Hosting Workflows and Services in "Oslo" - Ford McKinstry
    • "Oslo" builds on Windows Workflow (WF) and Windows Communication Foundation (WCF) to provide a feature-rich middle-tier execution and deployment environment. Learn about the architecture of "Oslo" and the features that simplify deployment, management, and troubleshooting of workflows and services.

  • "Oslo" Repository and Schemas - Martin Gudgin, Chris Sells
    • "Oslo" uses schematized data stored in the "Oslo" repository to drive the development and execution of applications and services. Tour the schemas and see how user-defined content can be created and related to them. Learn how to utilize platform schemas, such as worflow, services, and hosting. Also, learn how to extend the repository and how to use repository-extended SQL database services to support critical lifecycle capabilities such as versioning, security, and deployment.

It'll be a good time, can't wait to see ya there!

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