Orcas Beta 1 Samples (WF, WCF)

Beta 1 samples have been posted.  In this release there are separate installs for WF and WCF (and the workflow services are in the WCF one, go figure!)


From Laurence's blog:

This is the only version of the new samples that works at this time. The version that comes with the VS Orcas Beta1 offline Help does not work.

New samples in this release:

WF Samples\Technologies\Rules And Conditions\Order Processing Policy

            WCF Technology Samples\Basic\Ajax

            WCF Technology Samples\Basic\Syndication

WCF Technology Samples\Basic\WorkflowServices

You can download the zip files through any of the samples.

To setup and run the Orcas Beta1 samples:

1. Setup:

a. Check out the Setup Instructions for the Ajax, Syndication, and Workflow Services samples.

i. Use the Setup scripts under the “OrcasSetup” dir in the downloaded WCF zip file. In contrast, the “Setup” dir includes the scripts necessary for the samples already released with WCF 3.0

b. On Win2K3, if you see a plain text page when connecting to http://localhost/NetFx35Samples/service.svc, you need to run:

“%SystemDrive%\Windows\Microsoft.NET\Framework\v2.0.50727\aspnet_regiis.exe” -i –enable

"%WINDIR%\Microsoft.Net\Framework\v3.0\Windows Communication Foundation\ServiceModelReg.exe" -i

c. The WCF Samples setup script Setupvroot.bat will not run unless MSMQ is installed or the NetMsmqActivator service is disabled

2. Ajax samples:

a. For the Simple and Post Ajax service samples, you will need to completely refresh your session to be able to reload ClientPage.htm from one service to another as there is an issue with IE. Or simply rename ClientPage.htm in one of the samples

3.  Workflow Services:

a. WorkflowServiceUtility is a reference necessary to the CalculatorClient and DuplexWorkflowServices samples

b. CalculatorClient is the client for both DurableService and StateMachineWorkflowService. Click on “C” to stop the session (it becomes red) before switching services

c. The Conversations client is the window that has “Press enter to submit order”

d. In DuplexWorkflowServices, only the ServiceHost and ClientHost projects need to be started

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  1. Come già anticipato da Fabio qui, in Orcas è stata migliorata l’integrazione tra Workflow e WCF attraverso

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