DinnerNow, the other thing shipping

One of the things my team has been working on for the last few months has finally been released.  It started with a discussion in James' office and has come pretty far from there.  You may have seen it at some of the launch events, but unlike a lot of traditional demos, we're releasing all of the code with a great installer that David Aiken wrote in order to make sure all of the moving pieces and parts get put in the right place.

What is it?

DinnerNow demo
DinnerNow demo

Check out the video on soapbox

Pieces and Parts, what do you mean by that?

The only thing we couldn't get into v1 of this thing is the ability for it to flush toilets remotely.  Never fear though, we are working hard to get this into a future release 🙂  Here's a list of the technologies that we have in this thing:

  • Vista and Longhorn Server platform API's (things like the transactional file system)
  • IIS 7 modules
  • ASP.NET Ajax extensions
  • Linq
  • Windows Communication Foundation
    • Queued Services using MSMQ
    • "Normal" WS-* web services
    • POX and RSS over WCF
  • Windows Workflow Foundation (bunch of details on this to follow)
    • State Machine and Sequential
    • Correlation
    • Use of the ReplicatorActivity to execute in parallel
    • Designer Rehosting
    • Communication between parent and child workflows
  • Windows Presentation Foundation (even us server guys figured out a way to make it look pretty)
  • Windows Powershell (David's life wouldnt' be complete if it wasn't in there)
    • Powershell commandlets that query the workflow tracking store!
  • Windows CardSpace
  • .NET Compact Framework (because we don't want our mobile folks to feel left out)
  • Incredibly cool installation experience (we worked really hard to make sure all of the above pieces are configured properly)

Where can I get it?

Check out the website and you can get the code from codeplex.  If you find something you don't like, file a work item in codeplex, it leads right into our TFS system.

What now?

Go, get the code and install it on a Vista or Longhorn Server machine.  Let us know what you think!  We're going to be pushing out some additional information in the upcoming weeks, let us know what you think!

Comments (3)

  1. The team here in Redmond has been focused on putting together a pretty cool demo scenario. It’s called

  2. The team here in Redmond has been focused on putting together a pretty cool demo scenario. It’s called

  3. For the last few months our evangelism team has been working on a sample application named DinnerNow.net.

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