WF inside of SharePoint

I'm a little late to notice this, but Eilene Hao, a PM on the SharePoint Workflow team, has put together a massive 7 part series on writing workflows in SharePoint. I haven't focused a lot on workflows inside of Office, looks like I need to spin up a VPC and dive through some articles!


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  1. Workin' IT says:

    I try to start the Workflow Designer within SharePoint Designer 2007; I can get it to pull up, but then when I attempt to add anything (condition, action, etc) and the dialog box will pop up for a split second and close on its own.  Why would this do this?  I have done this over and over and receive the same results and am not able to use this.  Is there some sort of add-on that I’m missing or a program that I’m possibly using that would cause this?

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