Speech Server Video on Channel 9

Channel 9 has just posted a video showing off the new version of Speech Server.  Speech Server is one of the applications from Microsoft built using Windows Workflow Foundation.  As you can see in the video, they have created activities related to speech tasks, and allow you to arrange them using the workflow designer to give them drag and drop capabilities to design a speech app.  The goal here is to make authoring speech applications a whole lot easier.  The workflow designer makes its first appearence at 8:05 in the video!

Check it out!

Comments (2)

  1. brandontyler says:

    And when MSS 2007 releases http://gotspeech.net will be the online community for talking about Windows Workflow and creating speech applications!

  2. marshallharrison says:

    Dang, Brandon beat me to it.

    Seriously, I’m excited about what Workflow is doing for Speech Server development.

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