A Quick Update

I was out of town for most of this week, so I am busy catching up on things here. 

First, I would like to thank Jon for this post, pointing out some areas of improvement which can be made in the designer re-hosting sample that I pointed to.  Paul then let me know that Vihang's article on MSDN had been updated as well.  Vihang's article is a great introduction to a lot of the issues that you will encounter in designer rehosting.

Other than that, I'm getting ready to head off to TechEd, where the WF team will be in full force.  If you're looking to find out anything about worklow, stop by our sessions or chalk talks. If you're plate is already full with other things to do, stop on by the Connected Systems TLC in the developer section (I think it's "blue").  There will be plenty of product team members hanging around to talk about any workflow questions you might have.  I'll be the guy wearing the blue Microsoft shirt, so I should be pretty easy to find! 

Oh, and make sure to check out www.windowsworkflow.net on Monday morning, we've got a little bit of an update coming :-);

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