Hosting WF inside a Windows Service

Dennis has put together a nice sample showing how to host a workflow inside of a Windows Service, a common request for people looking to host long running processes.  Check out his posting here.  This sample is also available on the community site here. We’re working on some other samples around hosting, so stay tuned…


Matt and Paul talk WF

A few weeks back Paul Andrew and I sat down with Ron Jacobs to record this Arcast about WF.    The funny thing is that a few weeks before that, Paul Andrew and I sat down with Ron Jacobs to record that same Arcast, except there was a problem with the microphone and Ron’s voice…


WF inside of SharePoint

I’m a little late to notice this, but Eilene Hao, a PM on the SharePoint Workflow team, has put together a massive 7 part series on writing workflows in SharePoint. I haven’t focused a lot on workflows inside of Office, looks like I need to spin up a VPC and dive through some articles! Intro The…


Where Are the Tools?

I get a number of queries about when WF will ship, or (more frequently) when the tools will be ready.  The answers are “done” and “done.”  I’ve had two internal requests in the last week along these lines, so I wanted to try to state this as clearly as possible.  The tools for WF are released and…


Solution Showcase Launched

Head on over to and check out the solution showcase.  You can dive down and search through the tag cloud to find solutions that are interesting to you.  If you’d like to have your solution featured here, go to this form and submit the information.  We’d love to find out more about how you’re using…


Back From Barcelona

I arrived into SEA yesterday around 3, so I’m feeling a little bit of the ‘lag from my week in Barcelona.  A few things to point out: Tim has a fantastic “Vista on the M400” post.  The little dude’s getting an upgrade while this gets typed, results in a future post Kudos to who-ever put…


Did you hear the news, .NET 3.0 is live

Things got signed off last week, and early yesterday (depending on the timezone), the RTM build was published on MSDN.  James put the details up on the community site, and there’s been a ton of people headed to check it out (look at all the trackbacks on James’ post).  Thank you to all of the…


Off to Barcelona!

I’m in the office this morning, wrapping some things up and then it’s wheels up to Barcelona for a week.  Paul, Clemens, Shy and I will all be there hanging out somewhere between our talks and the Connected Systems booths, so stop on by and say hi!


Free WF Training Materials

Paul has the scoop, check this out.    Disclaimer: My voice may be the one that appears in parts of the WF training.


SOA Conference Questions

I headed over to building 33 yesterday for the Microsoft SOA and Business Process Conference to host a Q&A session with some other people from the Connected Systems division (Clemens, Shy, Lee and Joe).  We had a pretty decent audience, and I wanted to repost the questions that I got here and answer them. Will…