SQLShorts: Installing and Configuring PowerPivot, Power View, and the BI Semantic Model ( BISM )






This video covers the main issues that you face in installing PowerPivot and Power View on SharePoint 2010 SP1. There are many nuances to address such as software needed for the install, configuration options, installation order, etc... This video covers installation using SharePoint 2010 SP1, Windows 2008 R2, SQL Server 2012, Office 2010, PowerPivot and Power View. The video also covers how to create & publish PowerPivot workbooks and their respective BI Semantic Models ( BISM ) to SharePoint as well as setup SharePoint content types. Also included is the ability to create BISM from Visual Studio and leverage both the Vertipaq and DirectQuery models.

Errata: I show configuring the SSRS Service Application in SharePoint two times. It only has to be done the 1st time. The second time should be removed from the video.

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  1. Emil Glownia says:

    thanks for the post. I'm preparing for to install PowerView and I suspect it won't be that easy! on the first attempt

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