Virtual PC 2007 Console System Tray Problem Options.xml doesn’t exist

I have a common Virtual PC 2007 problem with dual monitors for my SQL VMs... when I most need to use my Virtual PC software, often the console goes insane when using a dual monitor, and though I can limp along by using Virtual PC from the system tray, i can not run it from the console correctly.  I searched for an options.xml file, but it didn't seem to exist. Turns out, the options.xml file is nicely HIDDEN in the location:

C:\Documents and Settings\(YOURLOGONNAMEHERE)\Application Data\Microsoft\Virtual PC

so I have spent hours trying to find an answer to this.

I found this entry in Options.xml:

  <left_position type="integer">4294966036</left_position>

  <top_position type="integer">20</top_position>


I changed the ubber 429... number to 0, saved the file and it worked well... guess MS never fixed that problem in the latest release of VPC....


Adding the checkbox in search to include hidden files and folders would have helped as well... I can't get back those lost hours of sleep, but when it happens again I will be ready next time!!!!!!!!!!!!!!



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