VHD Resizer for Virtual Server or Virtual PC

Found this tool that is good for VHD / Virtual Hard drive / Virtual Machine resizing.  I have been running SQL Server on a VM and the performace thus far is good.  The December 2007 edition of SQL Server Magazine had some good articles about virtualizing SQL Server… said a deprication of performance of 25%.  Thus…


SQL Server 2008 (Katmai) New Features Overview

C:\Program Files\ProClarity\ProClarity Dashboard Server\Nice article on SQL 2008 (Katmai) New Features: http://blogs.mssqltips.com/blogs/chadboyd/archive/2007/10/15/katmai-sql-2008-the-list-of-new-features.aspx   I have attached a PowerPoint file that has a listing of all the new features from the public SQL Server Connect site.  You can download it from there.   SQL Server 2008 Public.ppt


Searching for a specific table name

Here is a way to search the Information_Schema to find all tables that have the letter ‘t’ in them, can be helpful to search the metadata of your database schema   select * from INFORMATION_SCHEMA.columns where table_name like ‘%t%’ order by column_name


Searching the MetaData of a SQL Server Database, Stored Procedure Text

This has been a favorite stored procedure of mine to search the text of my stored procedures for certain phrases… really helpful as the number of stored procs you have grows quite a bit:  –xps ‘%procedure%’ –search for the word ‘procedure’ in all your stored procs CREATE proc [dbo].[xpS] @sSystemObjectText nvarchar(1000) as select distinct sysobjects.name…


SQL Server Unattended Install Script

Here is a SQL Server Unattended Install Script I wrote last week… was nice to get it working finally!!!   ;the PIDKEY will show up in greyed out text boxes during a MANUAL Install… use this for the PIDKEY Parameter IF NECESSARY (probably not necessary) http://msdn2.microsoft.com/en-us/library/ms144259.aspx#pidkey;create a directory c:\binaries;create a directory c:\data;run the silent install…


Disable and Enable Constraint Checking on SQL Server Tables

Found this script to disable/enable constraint checking here :  SELECT ‘ALTER TABLE ‘ + object_name(parent_obj) +           ‘ NOCHECK CONSTRAINT ‘ + name    FROM   sysobjects    WHERE  xtype = ‘F’    ORDER  BY object_name(parent_obj)  and to enable:     SELECT ‘ALTER TABLE ‘ + object_name(parent_obj) +           ‘…