64-bit Domain Controllers in MSIT

Two years ago, we decided that it was time to start doing some serious deployments of 64-bit hardware in Microsoft’s internal IT organization — MSIT. We looked around for a scenario that would justify the cost of the 64-bit hardware. When we decide to deploy technology in MSIT, even though the software is Microsoft engineered, we require…


Introducing the Windows Technology Adoption Team

The Windows Technology Adoption Program (TAP) team exists to drive greater and higher quality customer, ISV, and OEM input into the product development process for Windows. Our goal is to understand the entire customer eco-system where the operating system runs and then drive success for each customer set by providing early builds and giving customers…


New website in the works – tools for SMB IT Pros

I’ve been throwing around some ideas within my team on how to reach our SMB (Small and Medium Business) IT Pros in the same way that sites like gotdotnet.com reach our developer community.   More specifically, what types of tools can I provide from the windows team that IT Pros can really use and build on? …



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