Introducing the Windows Technology Adoption Team

The Windows Technology Adoption Program (TAP) team exists to drive greater and higher quality customer, ISV, and OEM input into the product development process for Windows. Our goal is to understand the entire customer eco-system where the operating system runs and then drive success for each customer set by providing early builds and giving customers an opportunity to tell us what works and what doesn't.


We run both breadth and depth customer programs. Breadth programs provide build access to customers through Tech Betas. Depth programs provide pre-release product support and dedicated resources to drive critical technical issues raised by ISVs, OEMs, and customers into product changes.


My team is where the rubber hits the road between developing the operating system and companies using it to run their businesses. It's an exciting place to be.


Every week someone from my team will be posting a new entry talking about our experiences. We welcome any and all feedback, ideas, and suggestions.


Next week, look for a summary of the 64-bit scenarios we have in deployment within Microsoft today along with information about the type of performance we are seeing.

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