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  1. Care to share what the Windows Customer Connection is?

  2. Linda says:

    The Windows Customer Connection team provides a bridge between the development team and our customers. Our primary deliverables are technical architecture and product feedback as well as customer connection opportunities that facilitate and drive Windows products to better meet customer business needs. We accomplish our team mission through the following programs:

    Enterprise Engineering Center (EEC): State-of-the art computer facility that provides customer-driven testing and validation of critical migrations, upgrades and deployments, PSS CritSit incidents and CompHot PoCs and head-to-head competitive showdowns.

    Windows Technology Adoption Program (TAP): High touch pre-release deployment programs involving customers, ISVs, and OEMs for Windows Server and Windows Client. The programs are integrated into the release cycle for quality assurance.

    Windows Server Community: Framework and programs that support Windows Server unmanaged technical communities which include developers, MVP’s, VAP’s, system builders, IT professionals and MS partners.

    Betas and Beta Services: Tools and services that support high quality pre-release Beta programs.

    Microsoft Technology Adoption Services: Framework, legal support, training, and best practices for product teams running their own customer TAP programs

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