Understanding Windows Azure AppFabric Queues

Interview with Principal Technical Lead Clemens Vasters and Principal Development Manager Murali Krishnaprasad (MK) regarding the May 2011 CTP release of Windows Azure AppFabric. We discuss new technologies such as Topics, Queues, Subscriptions and how this relates to doing async development in the cloud. Michael Washam’s Blog

COM+ and Serviced Components within Windows Azure

I have started writing some articles on how to deploy COM+ out into the cloud. The first post is here: http://michaelwasham.com/2011/05/15/com-and-serviced-components-within-windows-azure/. It gives an overview of what is available and what isn’t. The second post can be found here: http://michaelwasham.com/2011/05/15/deploying-a-com-servicedcomponent-to-windows-azure/ and it goes into the details on how to deploy a COM+ object on a worker…

Internal Endpoints and Firewall Settings on Windows Azure

I learned a few tips about how the firewall rules are configured for Windows Azure that I thought I would share. In the interest of trying to consolidate where I blog at I posted it here: Windows Azure Internal Endpoints and Firewall Settings

Migrating a Native Windows Service to Windows Azure

The overall proof of concept I’m trying out is how you could migrate a Native Windows Service to Azure and communicate with this service from another role instance in the cloud. The goal is to reuse as much code as possible while still allowing the Azure Runtime to “monitor” my service. I borrowed most of the implementation…