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What is the MVP Mentor Program?

The MVP Mentor Program connects students who want to learn
more about Microsoft technologies with today’s leading independent experts, Microsoft MVPs.  Our goal is to foster the next generation of
technologists to be leaders in their fields and communities. Microsoft MVPs are
experts in their communities in over 90 technologies and are from as many
countries.  No matter where you are
located, or what you want to learn, we have the perfect mentor for you. 

How does it work?

There are three ways to engage with a MVP Mentor.

One to one engagement

Whether you need an advisor to help you create your very own
Windows Store App or want to make a presentation better or need career advice, or
want to learn more about any Microsoft technology, we’ll find the perfect
mentor to suit your needs.  Once we find
the perfect match, you and your mentor will come up with a plan to get you to
your goal.  You’ll meet at least once a
week for three months either in person, by phone, email, Skype, Lync or any
other method that works for you and your mentor.

Ask real time advice on our social channels

Drop by our Facebook page or Tweet us to ask a question to get a
real time answer from our mentors. If you’re burning the midnight oil and get
stuck on a project, drop by and ask our mentors for help!

Attend one of our mentoring events

Join us for one of our live hangouts where a MVP Mentor will
teach you how to use a Microsoft technology. 
Currently we’re hosting hangouts focused on developing Windows Store
apps.  There are multiple hangouts
planned in multiple languages and time zones. 
Check them out on our Facebook events page.  We also offer all of the events for you to
view on demand on our YouTube

Contact Us

If you have any questions, or need help finding a mentor please reach out!






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