Writing persistent layers using DLink and Hibernate

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Writing persistent layers using DLink and Hibernate

In this article, I will illustrate the principles, techniques and tools to develop applications using Linq to SQL and Hibernate technologies. As we know, ADO.NET is the standard data access library in Microsoft.NET and Linq to SQL is an extension to .NET languages to add native support for accessing and updating data by using traditional object operations following the object-oriented paradigm. Hibernate is a technology that enables the developer to manage (access and update) relational data in Java platform by defining persistent entities and mapping them to relational database tables by executing object operations.

ORM State of the art

Developing software is a complicated task and most significant development projects involve a relational database where CRUD operations are the corner stone of the solution. There are a lot of monolithic applications where the data access code and the data presentation are in one place. This is very difficult to develop and maintain, because the developer must understand how to write SQL code.


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