Stop Binding Text/Value UI-Controls against your Data Types

Nuestro buen amigo Javier Caceres nos comparte su artículo:

Stop Binding Text/Value UI-Controls against your Data Types

For some reason, when someone is designing software at any layer forgets about checking the stack of available classes for re-using purposes. Text/Value UI-Controls still exist because they offer a simple way to show information (i.e. ListBox, DropDownList and so on).

Over the years (and over lines of code) I always find myself reading code with any of these common solutions when binding data to Text/Value UI-controls:

  1. Binding against any general-purpose (and thus record like) data type.
  2. Binding against custom domain-related data types.
  3. Binding against specific/self created key-value data types.

Let me explain a bit more each of the above solutions I have found with a movie store application example in which one you have a database with records about movies and you want to bind the data against a ListBox.

Ver más aquí.

Fernando García Loera (Community Program Manager – Latin America Region)

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