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Scalability is the system’s ability to accept higher load (to grow) without degradation is called scalability. It´s one quality attribute to take in consideration in the architectural definition of enterprise applications. From my perspective, it´s one of the most important because bad architectural decisions that impact negatively in product scalability; it also impacts negatively in the growth of the product as well as in the growth of the enterprise which supports its business process in the underlying enterprise application. So it´s important to follow good architectural decisions on the product design to impact positively on the scalability.

Scalable hardware or software can expand to support increasing workloads. This capability allows computer equipment and software programs to grow over time, rather than needing to be replaced. Scalable software typically refers to business applications that can adapt to support an increasing amount of data or a growing number of users.

In order to impact positively the scalability of an enterprise application, we need to follow best practices. I will explain a bunch of techniques that I´ve applied during my career as a software architect to support correctly software scalability as well as I´ve confirmed by researching about this topic on these days.


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Fernando García Loera (Community Program Manager – Latin America Region)

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