Composite Application Guidance for WPF and Silverlight v2.0 (PRISM)


Esto si está muy bueno. Si quieren aprender cómo hacer y diseñar aplicaciones modulares de Windows Presentacion Foundation (WPF) y Silverlight este es el recurso. Aquí la descripción:

clip_image003“The Composite Application Guidance is for building modular applications using WPF or Silverlight. You should consider using the Composite Application Guidance in any of the following scenarios:

  • You are building a application that presents information from multiple sources through an integrated user interface.

  • You are developing, testing, and deploying modules independently of the other modules.

  • Your application will add more views and more functionality over the coming years.

  • You must be able to change the application quickly and safely to meet emergent business requirements.

  • Your application is being developed by multiple collaborating teams.

  • Your application targets both WPF and Silverlight, and you want to share as much code as possible between the two platforms.

The following topics may help in understanding the guidance and how it applies to your scenarios:

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Fernando García Loera

MVP Lead | Community Consultant | Latin American Region

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