MVP Summit Neighborhood Tour

I always love it when people come to visit the Seattle/Bellevue area. It gives me a chance to see the places I visit every day with fresh eyes. I’m reminded of the excitement I felt when I first visited this area and how captivated I was by the architecture and stunning views in every direction….


On Campus – Transportation Hub & Company Store

For previous MVP Summits, we used the Microsoft Conference Center (MSCC) as our on-campus hub, where we hosted sessions and used it as the nerve center for administration and transportation. This year, our on-campus hub will be located at the West Campus. Refer to the map below, and I will orient you to the relevant…


SeaTac to Seattle: A Transportation Guide

It’s fascinating how much discussion you can generate by just asking the question, “How do you travel from and to the airport?” Seattle-Tacoma International Airport (SeaTac), its only 15 miles away from downtown Seattle, but the numerous opinions on airport-to-downtown-transport make it seem longer. The best choice depends on how important cost, time and flexibility…