As events are unfolding throughout the 2010 MVP Global Summit, it’s easy to rush forward from session to session in your quest to connect with product teams, Microsoft experts, and fellow MVP Awardees. We make it easy and tempting to do so with the hundreds of technical sessions over the next few days! Like any…


Pack an Umbrella? Good Idea!

Leading into the opening days of the 2010 MVP Global Summit, one of the operative questions, what is the weather going to be like? While I could generalize and just say, “Expect it to be cold and wet” but wouldn’t probably be a complete enough answer. After all, Microsoft MVP awardees are pretty technical and…


Working Lounges: A Place of Refuge For Roommates Who Have To Work Late

For MVPs who are room sharing but don’t wish to disturb their roommate, these lounges in each hotel are set up with both wired and wireless access. So if you need to work on that blog, catch up on your email or generally need a quiet place to hang out, they are available to you….


MVP Summit Neighborhood Tour

I always love it when people come to visit the Seattle/Bellevue area. It gives me a chance to see the places I visit every day with fresh eyes. I’m reminded of the excitement I felt when I first visited this area and how captivated I was by the architecture and stunning views in every direction….


New Campus Locations You Should Visit

If you attended the last summit, you will probably notice that our main campus layout has changed a little bit and now there are a couple of additions that you may want to visit. One of the new spots and the most popular one at this moment is an open place called “The Commons.” The…


On Campus – Transportation Hub & Company Store

For previous MVP Summits, we used the Microsoft Conference Center (MSCC) as our on-campus hub, where we hosted sessions and used it as the nerve center for administration and transportation. This year, our on-campus hub will be located at the West Campus. Refer to the map below, and I will orient you to the relevant…


Menus – So Good You Won’t Believe it’s Conference Food!

If you’re like me, one way I rate conferences is based on the food! We take planning the menus very seriously, so much so, that we even do taste tests! I enjoy that part of my job, but we really do it so that we can make sure we have a nice variety of great…


Please Remember Your NDA

With all the deep dive technical sessions and opportunities to engage with Microsoft product groups and executives, a lot of highly sensitive and confidential information is shared at the MVP Global Summit. If that information gets out, it can be damaging to Microsoft and the MVP community. We wanted to remind everyone that, as in…


Vegetarian and Halal Restaurants in Bellevue or Nearby

There are plenty of nice restaurants in Bellevue or nearby to satisfy your vegetarian and Halal preferences. Here are the ones who received the best reviews. Udupi Palace – Vegetarian 15600 NE 8 th Street Ste 0-9 Bellevue, WA 98008 (425) 649-0355 Strictly vegetarian, the lunch buffet offers a wealth of choices. Steamed rice, chewy…


Side Meetings on Tuesday & Friday

If two days of deep technical breakout sessions are not enough for you, consider coming early or staying after the conference to take advantage of more sessions! Most of the Side Meetings are open to everyone, so it’s a perfect opportunity for you explore some topics outside of your award expertise. The Side Meetings are…