Conference Plans & Logistics Ramp Up in December!

Welcome back to the MVP Global Summit Blog which is your place to find topical updates on “all things Summit” for the 2010 MVP Global Summit. In less than a week, attendee registration will launch and you’ll be able to formalize your intent to attend! Your MVP Lead is your primary contact for the event,…


Practice Seattle Lingo Tomorrow!

Here’s one for you “3P N WC WM.” Got any idea what that is? Give it a whirl tomorrow morning at WSCTC when you visit one of three of the latte carts, and you’ll be getting my favorite drink! There will be one latte stand by registration and two in the area where we had…


Happy Square Root Day! Good Reminder that “Numbers” are Important to Us!

Square Root Day is a humorous holiday celebrated on dates where the day and the month are both the square root of the last two digits in the current year. For example, the last Square Root Day was March 3, 2009 (3/3/09), and the next Square Root Day will be April 4, 2016 (4/4/16). The…


Side Sessions – Preview & Feedback on New MVP Member Site Prototype

Did you know that we’ve been working on the development of a new MVP member site? There are two Side Sessions you should consider attending. In these sessions you’ll learn about how we’re using contemporary design and development methodologies to build a new system which is based on feedback from users, system, and program administrators….


Hot Sauce Capital of the World – Double DD Meats

If you like Hot Sauce, consider visiting Double DD Meats in Mountlake Terrace. Just 15 miles north of Seattle, this small family owned business is not only famous for great meat and their own special sausage; but they are also the veritable hot sauce capital of the world! With over 2,500 brands to choose from,…


An Adventurer’s Must Do List in Seattle!

Have you been to Seattle before? Think you’ve done it all already? Really? Have you seen a salmon fly through the air or climb a ladder? Have you watched a huge ship ascend a 26 foot vertical hurdle in just a few minutes? Have you witnessed a giant troll grasping a real VW Beetle in…


Shorter Hashtag For Tweeting!

Twitter will play an important part in this year’s Global Summit. Many MVPs are already discussing their Summit plans over Twitter. However, many are finding the hashtag, #mvpsummit2009 too long for their tweets. A large proportion of Twitter users are already using the smaller hashtag of #mvp09. Therefore, to ensure that we are able to…


Logistics: Follow-up Questions from the 2009 MVP Global Summit Countdown

During last week’s live Countdown events, we had some questions that we promised to follow-up on and share with you regarding logistics at the MVP Global Summit. While some of these may have already been answered in other venues, I am still including them here for completeness. Will there be a baggage check/coat check at…


Ask An Executive – Keynote Question Manager Open

If you haven’t already submitted a question to me via email for one or more of our keynote executives, you can now do it via our Keynote Question Manager. Please log in to the site at and select “Schedule Builder” from the left navigation menu. Use the same login credentials that you set up…


Side Session: How Your Feedback Impacted Live Search!

Last year, 900 MVPS from over 70 countries took the challenge from Steve Ballmer about using Live Search. You gave us in-depth feedback and we definitely  took it in. Come chat over lunch  March 1st, Sunday, 12-1 pm, Side Session SD24, with the product team members who used your opinions  to make a difference in…