Keynotes: Submit Your Questions Now!

questionmarkWe’re looking forward to you joining Steve Ballmer, Toby Richards and Ron Markezich for the keynotes during the MVP Summit on Tuesday, March 1st. This is a great opportunity to hear from our senior leaders about their thoughts of the industry, the importance of communities, opportunities for cloud services and more. Send us your question in advance and we’ll try to answer as many as possible during the event.

Please click on the Ask Executives link on the left and submit a question for a specific keynote speaker or make it an open topic. Visit

Comments (3)

  1. mvp says:

    Hi. Thanks for the great mvp summit. I enjoyed it, and particularly love the mouse pad.

  2. Brett Hill says:

    Can you comment on the BPOS and Small Business Live Migrations to Office 365? What percentage complete are you ? Are you on track for you timeline? Is more information coming for Small Business Live users to assist with migrations?

  3. Paul Adare says:

    Hey Brett, I know that they've renamed this blog to MVP Global Summit 2012 Blog but this post is for last year's summit. There's no point submitting questions ahead of time for the keynotes for the 2012 Summit as there are none this year. 🙂

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