Ground Transportation Options in Puget Sound

Out of town travelers need to plan for some ground transportation to get to and from the airport and for transportation needs outside of MVP Summit plans. There are several options which include taxis, limos, shuttles and buses. Here is a run down of each type along with pricing and contact info.

Curbside pickup at SeaTac is contracted to STITA (Seattle Tacoma International Taxicab Association) though you can call other cab companies, if you wish.  Regardless of the choice, the fare is standard for King County and Seattle:

  • Meter Drop $2.50
  • Mileage (per mile) $2.50
  • Waiting Time $0.50
    (per minute in slow-moving traffic)Extras (each passenger over two, $0.50 excluding minors, per mile)
Green Cab
All hybrid fleet
Tel: +1 206-575-4040

Tel: +1 206-246-9999

Tel: +1 206-433-1788

Yellow Cab
Tel: +1 206-622-6500

Graytop Cabs
Tel: +1 206 622-4800
Ashton Limousines
PO Box 123
Bellevue, WA 98009
Tel: +1 435-455-4008
Executive Towncar Service
3225 NE 25th St
Renton, WA 98056
Tel: +1 206-443-4343
Tel: +1 425-455-4949
Tel: +1 866-777-1200
Elite Limousine
Tel: +1 206-542-6508
Toll free 877-620-5466

Taxis may also have an additional surcharge depending on gas prices.  According to STITA’s trip estimator the 18 Mile one-way trip from SeaTac to Bellevue costs $47.50.  Another option is limousine or town car service through STILA Limo, listed at $55 to travel to Bellevue. Shuttle Van

Shuttle Express
Shuttle offers the most extensive shared ride service available from SeaTac.  They offer hourly shared service to the Bellevue Hyatt for $19.  Though you can get a similar rate if three people arrange to share a taxi, this option is excellent if you can’t coordinate rides with fellow MVPs.

Rental Car
Though rental vehicles are not usually recommended for downtown Seattle, they can be useful on Bellevue’s car-friendly streets, especially if you traveling to places in different part of town or the surrounding area.  Rates start about $70 a day.

Taxi, Rentals and Shuttle transportation is all available from the third floor of the Parking Garage.

Light Rail and Bus
For public transportation, there are a few options that will cost you between 2.50 to five dollars.  The addition of light rail to Seattle has provided a quick and easy way to get downtown.   Of course you are going to Bellevue, not Seattle.  Fortunately, the Bellevue Transit Center is within walking distance, about a block or so away from the Hyatt Regency.

If you rather not make the third-of-a-mile walk from the Transit Center, Metro’s 271 route from the Transit Center can close the gap.  Expect to pay a $1.50 for the privilege, though.  The recent adoption of Orca, a multiple transit agency fare card means that cash transfers between many buses are no longer available.

The reason there are couple of options here is because there are two general routes.

The Eastern Route
Sound Transit’s Route ST 560 is similar to the route that taxis and shuttle would take to Bellevue, making stops at transit centers and Park’N’Ride lots along the way.  Its schedule to take about 45 minutes but that will be variable depending on traffic.  Cost: $2.50 (single bus, two zones)

The North and East Route
The alternative to the Eastern Route is to go north to Seattle, then across Lake Washington to Bellevue.  This route makes use of the new Central Link Light Rail connection from SeaTac to Seattle’s Bus Tunnel, then transferring to Route ST 550 to the Bellevue Transit Center.  The two vehicle trip can take about an hour (depending on timing) and costs $5.00 ($2.50 through Orca card)

If you plan use the bus frequently in the area, getting an Orca (currently free through will reduce your costs.  You can park money on the card’s “ePurse” for use and have up to two hours free transfer on Metro Transit and Sound Transit services from usage of the card.

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