Order an MVP Hockey Jersey – Get it at the MVP Summit!

Canadians_MVP_Summit_2008_stairsimageIf you’ve been to a few MVP Global Summits before, you know that for several years in a row, Canadian MVPs used to show up in the keynote proudly wearing their country colors, i.e. a Canadian Hockey Jersey. One year, they even got Steve Ballmer to put  it on during his keynote!


Last year we decided showing our colors was a good thing so we created our own MVP jersey and had Steve wear it during his video message. Then Toby Richards wore one during his keynote. Seems like everyone wanted to know where they could get one of those jerseys, including myself!

clip_image002[5]We decided to find a way for people to order the jerseys. As it turns out, it’s a fairly complex process to set up an ordering system and so the best route was to have a third party host the site. As such, given our timeframe, we are able to offer an ordering system that will accommodate the orders provided items are picked up at the MVP Summit. This means there is no provision for shipping. Apparently adding the shipping component is the really tedious part! As you’ll notice, time is short; if you want one, you have to place your order by February 9th!

This offer is based on people pre-ordering the jerseys and then all are made at once. Just like if you create a custom NFL jersey, these are considered custom. Therefore all sales are final and jerseys are not returnable.

The hockey jerseys are oversized since they are designed to be worn over protective hockey pads. It’s customary for jerseys that are worn without pads to be baggy.

Since I’ve had a lot of shirts made in my tenure at Microsoft, I can tell you, this is my ultimate favorite of all time! I love this shirt and I think you will to! We can’t all be Canadian, but MVPs and those of us who get to work with you, can sport the “even cooler” MVP jersey!

To order one just like Toby is wearing, follow this link! More information is on our Summit site.

I’m’ looking forward to seeing you all at the Summit. I might have to snag some pictures of you in your jersey, if you decide to buy one!


Paulette Suddarth
Global Events Marketing Manager
MVP Global Summit Manager

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