As events are unfolding throughout the 2010 MVP Global Summit, it’s easy to rush forward from session to session in your quest to connect with product teams, Microsoft experts, and fellow MVP Awardees. We make it easy and tempting to do so with the hundreds of technical sessions over the next few days! Like any rich information venue, it comes fast and furious, like drinking from a fire hose. For those of you new to the MVP Global Summit, ask the veterans who have been here before <smile>.

Handling the Fire Hose
Pacing yourself is the key. By allowing yourself to briefly reflect on what you are seeing, important details won’t be lost in the pace of the day. My recommendation is to use the session evaluations we provide to help you do this…and help us improve future MVP Global Summits in the process.

Each year, as we sit down to plan the next Global Summit, there are hundreds of potential ideas to explore to improve the event. The key to finding the right ones is you…and what you chose to share with us in the evaluation process.

Your Key to Improving the MVP Global Summit
Based on your feedback, we continue to adjust how we present the event:

· Retain hotel-based breakfasts and make sure that those meals are substantial enough to start your day.

· Provide paper evaluations for Technical Sessions to more completely capture your immediate thoughts in the room.

· Refine hotel billing to minimize miscommunication and maximize consistency.

· Videotape your questions for our keynote speakers earlier in the week to broaden participation

· Recruit keynote speakers who can speak to MVPs’ technical passions and to provide insight into emerging technologies.

· Involve your fellow MVPs in keynote presentations!

Salmon Overboard!
Of course, sometimes we go too far in implementing your feedback, like the time we clearly heard from you that there was too much salmon served at the Global Summit meals. So, for the 2009 MVP Global Summit, salmon was banned from the menu. Our evaluations for that event, responded with “what happened to the salmon? You don’t have to totally remove it!”

So, we promise…salmon will indeed be part of your MVP Global Summit experience this time. In fact, salmon has already played a key part in the event. Hope that you liked the “fish guys” at Tuesday’s keynote!

Take Some Time to Share Your Insight by Completing Your Evaluations
Your evaluations continue to be important tools for us and you to shape the Global Summit as a more meaningful and informative destination in the future. Today, while you are with us at the 2010 Global Summit, evaluating sessions and your Global Summit experience can give you perspective and bring out the salient points for you and what you find here. Consider a three-step process that you can apply at each session’s completion:

Pause (deep cleansing breath)



Authored by: Brian Boston
MVP Lead, Americas
Community & Online Support

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