On Campus – Transportation Hub & Company Store

For previous MVP Summits, we used the Microsoft Conference Center (MSCC) as our on-campus hub, where we hosted sessions and used it as the nerve center for administration and transportation. This year, our on-campus hub will be located at the West Campus. Refer to the map below, and I will orient you to the relevant buildings.

In the lower portion of the map, towards the right, notice B92. Known as Building 92, the buses will drop you off & pick you up here. Inside Building 92, is the Company Store and the Visitor’s Center. Notice the Commons which is in the middle of the Map. On campus registration will be in the Commons Sub Mixer and several sessions will be located here.


Remember how it was kind of pain in the rear to get to the Company Store during previous Summits? Not any more, you literally have to walk by it when you get dropped off each morning! But, wouldn’t you be hacked off if you got there in the morning and it was closed? Not to worry, we’ve made special arrangements to have them open early, just for you! The store hours for our attendees will be 7:30 AM – 7:00 PM on Wednesday and Thursday, Feb 17 & 18, respectively.

The picture below shows what the entrance looks like to Building 92. You’ll walk up the steps, turn right and you’ll pass right by the Company Store.





By the way, there will be updated maps, transportation schedules, etc in your Pocket Guide, which is the little booklet in your badge holder. I hope this helps give you a preview of the new location and that it makes it more convenient to get to the Company Store!

See you in two weeks!

Authored by: Paulette Suddarth
Global Events Marketing Manager
Community & Online Support

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  1. Denny Cherry says:

    The graphics in this post appear to reference internal sites.  Those that aren’t internal can’t view the graphics.

  2. Well, shiver me timbers! I’ll fix that! Thanks for letting me know!

  3. @ Denny Cherry – I just saved the pics and re-inserted them. Can you  see them now? Thanks!

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