New Campus Locations You Should Visit

If you attended the last summit, you will probably notice that our main campus layout has changed a little bit and now there are a couple of additions that you may want to visit.

One of the new spots and the most popular one at this moment is an open place called "The Commons.” The Commons is what Seattle Times newspaper calls "Microsoft own mall", and it is a complex of 14 restaurants, shops, an official size soccer field, and even a pub located at the emerging West Campus.

At The Commons you will find a variety of restaurants at its food court featuring Chinese, Indian, American cuisines among others. There are many shops including a set of cellular phones shops that display the latest Windows Mobile cellular phones.

Another popular place is the new Microsoft Visitor Center located in Building 92 which is close to The Commons area. The new Building 92 hosts the Visitor Center where you can see the latest Microsoft technology such as Surface and Touch as well as the most popular destination of MVPS known as “ The Company Store.”

If you visit the Company Store you will find a completely refreshed facility--may be 2-3 times bigger than the old one!  It is very well equipped with the latest and most popular Microsoft hardware and software products as well as a huge selections of branded items such as clothes, computer accessories, desk accessories, etc for your enjoyment.

At the Company Store you can buy Microsoft Hardware and software based on the amount of your voucher ($120) and unlimited branded items. It is always a good idea to check if some specific items will work in your country like a NTSC vs Pal for video and 110V vs 220V for power just to mention few.

Enjoy your Summit and be sure to check out the new facilities while your on campus!

Welcome to Summit!

Nestor_Portillo_2008_01 Authored by: Nestor Portillo
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