Build Your Schedule – Win a Banner Bag

Every year we make and hang a bunch of vinyl banners to announce the event and welcome attendees. Most event planners typically throw the banners away after the event, but I couldn’t bring myself to do it. I wasn’t sure what I was going to do with them, but I saved them. Finally it came to me that we could take the old banners and turn them into messenger bags! I had one made and showed it around the team and we all loved it! We figured if we loved it, so would you! Since we don’t have enough banners to make a bag for everyone, we decided it would be a great incentive!


Pole Banner from 2009


Messenger Bag for 2010

Likewise, each year before the event, we really try to get MVPs to build their schedules by two weeks before the event. We really need this info because we use the information to plan and schedule catering deliveries and to optimize the room assignments based on demand for sessions.

Bingo…we decided to use the banner bags as the incentive to encourage you to build your personal schedule. We’re going to make as many bags as two year’s worth of banners will make!

Build your schedule by February 5th and you’ll have a chance to win one! I hope you do! Might be fun to get your MVP colleagues to sign it!

Authored by: Paulette Suddarth
Global Events Marketing Manager
Community & Online Support

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