Q&A: MVP Chiayi Yen Is On A Mission To Make Data Science More Diverse

Photo from left to right: R-Ladies Taipei Ju-yin Tang with her child, R-Ladies co-founder MVP Chiayi Yen, and R-Ladies Taipei co-founder and MVP Ning Chen with her child MVP Chiayi Yen is a Taiwanese quantitative modelling specialist, a PhD student, and the translator of two novels on computer science for children. Now based in Mannheim,…

Around The World With MVPs: Taipei

More than thirty women gathered at Microsoft’s Taipei office for a ladies’ meetup last Monday. These women in tech – called the R-Ladies – focus on R programming language, and have developed an engaged community all across Taiwan. Just take a look at their Facebook group, and you’ll see it boasts more than 650 members….