Information Architecture in a SharePoint Context | Architecture d’Information dans un contexte SharePoint

Editor’s Note: The following MVP Monday post is by French-Canadian SharePoint Server MVP Alain Lord and is available in both English and French. Introduction One of the most discussed topics in SharePoint community is certainly the concept of information architecture. A simple search request in Bing with “SharePoint information architecture” gives us more than 3.4 million hits….

Asynchronous Programming with the Reactive Extensions (while waiting for async/await) | Programmation Asynchrone avec les Reactive Extensions (en attendant async/await)

Editor’s Note: The Following MVP Monday post is by French Canadian Visual C# MVP Jerome Laban and is available in both French and English. Programmation Asynchrone avec les Reactive Extensions (en attendant async/await) De nos jours, avec des applications qui utilisent de plus en plus de services dans le Cloud, ou qui tout simplement exécutent de longues actions que…

French TechDays 2010: 7 MVPs interviewed by major French magazine

7 MVPs were interviewed by ITPRO Magazine. The MVPs interviewed were: Arnauld Alcabez, Fabrice Barbin, Cédric Bravo, Pascal Creusot, Etienne Legendre, Florent Santin and Loic Thobois. The MVPs spoke about state-of-the-art technology, future developments, and the impact of those developments. Fabrice Barbin and Florent Santin were also speakers at the TechDays sessions. You may recognize…

French MVPs fill the pages of Programmez! Magazine

In this increasingly digital world the opportunity to write and be published in print is becoming rare. Even so, I don’t know a writer alive who does not covet the opportunity to write for print. It is has a lasting presence with the potential for generational legacy. People hundreds of years from now may stumble…

MVP Yves Cornil’s PowerPoint 2010 tutorials in French

Mac MVP Yves Cornil has been busy creating a wealth of information for the French speaking community about PowerPoint 2010. Last month he launched a new website dedicated to PowerPoint 2010 with 50 new articles alone!  He also produced 10 new YouTube videos to help PowerPoint users make their presentations better than ever. He posted this…

French Silverlight MVP Eric Ambrosi releases "Pratique de Silverlight"

Silverlight MVP, Eric Ambrosi has written a book called “Pratique de Silverlight” about design elements of Silverlight applications, starting from the display list, to loading external data in the design model MVVM through prototyping or organizational workflow. The “Pratique de Silverlight” is written in French and is available for download in PDF format from Pearson France….

French MVP Launches Windows 7 Tutorials Site!

  French MVP Michel Martin has launched MediaForma, a site designed to showcase videos tutorials for Windows Seven!  Designed predominately for the consumer audience, Michels’s site helps to guide the viewer through Microsoft’s latest operating systems. Click on the links below to watch each of the videos.   Using MetaData to find your files easily…


French MVP Publishes WMI with PowerShell Tutorial

French MVP Laurent Dardenne, recently published a 49 pages tutorial, explaining how to use WMI with PowerShell. Along with the tutorial, code samples are also available for download. Also, have a look at a number of other articles that he produced for community. Please note that Laurent’s articles are published in the French language….


French MVP releases New Windows 7 books!

  MVP Thierry Mille recently released authored two books dedicated to Windows Seven. The first book is entitled, “Windows 7 – Le Guide Complet” and is designed for an audience with little, or no prior knowledge of using Windows 7. This book reviews the different features of the operating system and highlights a number of…


French MVP Releases New Silverlight Book

French MVP Olivier Dewit is the author of a new book entitled, “Silverlight versions 2 et 3 – Développez des applications Internet riches”. The book is aimed at .NET Web developers who want to make Rich Internet Applications using Silverlight. Fundamentals are presented in Silverlight 2 and 3 and a chapter is dedicated to the…