Jump Inside Dynamics NAV 2009

Dynamics MVP Rene Gayer has recently co-written a new book entitled, “Microsoft Dynamics NAV 2009 Inside”. The book is published by MBST Books, and looks at a number of different aspects of Microsoft Dynamics NAV 2009 including, page design, reporting services and web services. You can read a full table of contents here. The book…


WPF Works its Magic!

MVP Kathleen Dollard has written a great article demonstrating the benefits of developing with Windows Presentation Foundation (WPF). Kathleen writes, “I’m excited about WPF’s better code design compared to Windows Forms; I’m impressed by the fact that well architected applications written in WPF can have an artistic or outrageous appearance with little developer effort… The…


Security MVP Peers Through Obscurity

Is security by obscurity always bad? MVP Jesper Johansson has co-written a great article along with Roger Grimes, in which the pair attempt to shed some light on why many consider it a waste of time (and others don’t), and show you why the answer, as usual, is far more complicated than it seems at…


Australian MVP Builds a Strong Foundation

Australian MVP William Bartholomew (along with co-author, Sayed Ibrahim Hashimi), have just written an MS Press book offering hands-on guidance for customising Microsoft Build Engine (MSBuild). The book also provides many examples on Web deployment, automated releases, and other essential topics. The authors also discuss Visual Studio Team Foundation Build, the build engine in Visual…


Blogging Dynamics

MVP Bill Ryan put together an extensive post for the Dynamics.CRM team blog on "Creating a customized Plug-in Template for Microsoft Dynamics CRM 4.0". Bill writes, “In its basic form, CRM 4.0 Plugin development is straightforward, however it has many monotonous elements. Bill’s walkthrough on writing Plugins, illustrates many of the repetitive tasks that plugin…


Coding – Just 4 Fun?

How would you like to build an Xbox game, use your Nintendo Wiimote to create an electronic whiteboard, or build your own peer-to-peer application? Coding4Fun helps you tackle some cool software and hardware projects using a range of free Microsoft software. Now you can code for fun with C#, VB, Lua, ASP.NET, WPF, XNA Game…


ADO.Net Entity Framework Book Released

Last October, Spanish MVPs Unai Zorrilla and Octavio Hernandez published the book "ADO.NET Entity Framework: Data-centered application and services”, arguably the first book published worldwide on this recent Microsoft data access technology. The book, published by Krasis Press, has enjoyed a warm reception by Spanish and Latin American .NET development communities. The book is published…


MVPs Jump Start The World!

Two Australian MVPs were recently engaged to deliver Live Services Jump Start training around the world! MVP Dr Neil Roodyn (Live Platform MVP) and MVP James McCutcheon (Mobile Devices MVP) delivered Windows Live Jump Start training to audiences around the world. Jump Start sessions took place in Berlin, Warsaw, Amsterdam, San Francisco, Sydney and Singapore….


The New Zune Pass: Your Questions Answered

Zune MVP Harvey Chute has published a great FAQ guide on the new Zune Pass subscription model. The new Zune Pass not only gives you subscription access to tracks from Zune Marketplace. But you also receive ten tracks per month! Take a look at the FAQ for further information. Inspired by Harvey’s FAQ guide, Zune…


Gadget Mania!

ASP.Net Developer MVP Alessandro Ghizzardi has produced a new book on how to write Windows Vista Sidebar Gadgets. With the release of Windows Vista, Microsoft has enabled developers to write code for small desktop applications, known as “sidebar gadgets.” These gadgets allow users to add engaging and enriching content on their desktops. Gadgets are based…