The MVP Show in Germany: An Interview With MVP Dominick Baier


Dominick Baier explains his solution in the MVP Show

In the MVP Show, Senior Technical Evangelist Seth Juarez travels the world to meet inspiring members of the MVP community, and learn about the technology that motivates them. The show does a great job of introducing us to MVPs on the cutting-edge - and today we’re pleased to announce the MVP Show is back with another episode!

In this episode Seth travels to Heidelberg, Germany to hang out with Visual Studio and Development Technologies MVP Dominick Baier. Together they dive into the OpenID Connect protocol, and how someone can create their own identity token service using IdentityServer 4. Dominick notes that with his solution this generally easy, as users are only required to fill in the blanks.

“I was always fascinated by authentication protocols - that all started with Kerberos, which is still inspiration for many of the newer protocols,” says Dominick. “[It’s] not breaking stuff, not telling people what they are doing wrong - but actually enabling new and exciting scenarios in a secure way, hopefully.”

Dominick is certainly no stranger to the MVP Program; he’s been part of the community for an incredible 14 years. He says at the beginning of his career, it was useful for him to be able to write emails to Redmond, and ask an MVP Lead to introduce him to someone.

“Times were different. Today it’s much more easy to interact with the actual developers, but 15 years ago they were behind an iron curtain,” he said in the video. The MVP Program gave him access.

Years later, Dominick says initiatives like the MVP Show are important because they let you find out a bit more about the people behind the technology. “Especially if they are not working for gigantic software companies, but are on their own and working on a vision.”

To learn more about how to create an identity token service - and check out some Heidelberg sights - watch the video here!

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