Once An MVP, Always An MVP: We’re So Excited About MVP Reconnect!

A few short months ago, Microsoft happily announced a brand new program for its community of technical experts - MVP Reconnect! Developed to bring together former MVPs and help them stay in touch with the Microsoft community, MVP Reconnect now boasts an incredible 1,200 members.

With MVP Reconnect, our former MVPs now have the chance to continue contributing, collaborating and learning within a unique technical community. And there's a whole range of amazing benefits to joining the program - from attending exclusive events, meeting like-minded experts, and engaging in some great mentorship opportunities.  

The MVP Reconnect program closes [the] gap by including all the MVP alumni, who still possess all those exceptional communication skills and technical knowledge that earned them the MVP Award,’ said MVP Reconnect member Philipp Stiefel. Based in Germany, Philipp received the MVP Award in Microsoft Access for 7 years, for his work on Codekabinett.com.

“It's very valuable for me to be in the MVP Reconnect program [so I am able to] get back in touch with all those experts who were once active MVPs. For me the MVP Reconnect program is an open communication link to a vast pool of technical expertise. And most of all, to exceptional, great people.”

To welcome new members, MVP Reconnect has already sent out gifts to just over 1000 participants - and do they ever look great!

Philipp Stiefel shows off his MVP Reconnect gift

Philipp Stiefel shows off his MVP Reconnect award coin

Even more, starting today MVP Reconnect is electing a new advisory council to empower members of MVP Reconnect to shape the future of the program. Elections take place between the dates of January 11th-13th, and January 18th-20th. 

If you haven’t joined MVP Reconnect yet, we want to connect with YOU! Easily sign up using the registration form here.  As a reminder, registration happens in three steps:

  1. You apply with the application form. If you don’t remember all of your information, just put down what you do remember.
  2. We validate your request and send you a welcome email with a unique registration link.
  3. You click on the link and complete the registration wizard. We will confirm your registration with an invitation to our social networking platform.

We can't wait to have you back.

Comments (3)

  1. Kelvin Kirby says:

    This is an awesome program. As an ex-MVP myself, I am proud to have been appointed as the UK Regional Rep for the MVP Reconnect Community. I would like to encourage and invite all ex-MVP’s (and current MVP’s) in the UK to connect with me via https://www.linkedin.com/in/kelvinkirby/ or join the MVP Reconnect UK LinkedIn group at https://www.linkedin.com/groups/13511404

  2. Leger DJIBA says:

    Very nice and interesting concept

  3. George L. Marrs, Jr. says:

    A long long time ago I was a MVP person. I’ve worked thru everything since DOS to Windows 10. Am I still in the deal ?

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