MVPs Around the World: Seoul

Fasten your seatbelts, MVPs. This week we’re headed to Seoul, South Korea!

The Django Girls Seoul got together a few weeks ago for a Python and Django programming seminar. The volunteer-led group is part of a worldwide IT community - called you guessed it, the Django Girls - with a vision “to inspire women to fall in love with programming.”

This free seminar was attended by more than 40 women and men alike, and was sponsored by Microsoft’s ‘Melting Pot’ program, which aims to bring together people of diverse nationalities and cultures to innovate in Korea.

The Melting Pot Seminar Series motto is “Dream. Code. Create.” And seminar presenters base their tutorials and speeches around these themes. That is, they share what they hope to achieve through coding, they present coding guidelines and tutorials, and give tips on how to create website with Python and Django.

The October seminar featured four different presentations in both Korean, and English: Twitterbot with Python and Tweepy by Hanjo Jo, Difficulties Faced by Django Beginners by Jiyun Kim, Slack bot with Python by JungHyeon Kim, and a Cracking the Coding Interview-based presentation by Hassan Abid.

All in all, Django Girls aims to make technology more accessible for members in Seoul, and around the world. We think they’re pretty great. Check out some of their work from Seoul-based Code Camps here.

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