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The R-Ladies meet on the last Monday of every month.

More than thirty women gathered at Microsoft’s Taipei office for a ladies’ meetup last Monday. These women in tech - called the R-Ladies - focus on R programming language, and have developed an engaged community all across Taiwan. Just take a look at their Facebook group, and you’ll see it boasts more than 650 members.

The group was founded in 2014, and has hosted more than 25 meetings and featured more than 30 female speakers. The R-Ladies meet every month in Taipei, the capital of Taiwan. For the tech inclined, the island is a great place to visit - more than 5000 free WiFi hotspots keep you and 23.5 million other people connected, 24/7.

The September meetup centered around Senior Technical Evangelist of Taiwan DX, Ching Chen’s, tutorial session, which demonstrated how to build a classification model using Azure Machine Learning.

Attendees at the event were given access to the Azure platform, which allowed the women to follow along and get the full Azure machine learning experience.

The event took place in a hands-on lab.

The event took place in a hands-on lab.

The entire event carried a positive vibe, which was defined by CPM Reneata Chang’s speech highlighting the need for more female MVPs.

“We need to recruit excellent female MVPs, like the R-Ladies, into our MVP program,” she said,  encouraging them to contribute more to the community and to apply for the MVP award program.

If you’re interested in learning more about Azure Machine Learning, see the tutorial here.

R-ladies in the Microsoft Community

Chiayi Yen, the Organizer of Taiwan R-Ladies, is featured in a great interview here on Channel 9

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