Welcome MVPs to the 2015 MVP Global Summit!

All the deep dive technical sessions (around 600 of them!), rich two-way conversations and excitement of seeing friends and colleagues you haven't seen for a year starts right now at the MVP Global Summit. This year it's bigger than ever. Nearly early half of the 4,000 MVPs from around the world arrived in Bellevue, Washington this weekend for what one MVP described as "like a family reunion, except you like everyone!" Steve Guggenheimer (Guggs), corporate vice president of Microsoft's Developer eXperience & Evangelism (DX) group welcomed them in his blog this morning.

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  1. Luigi Bruno says:

    What about all the kits that have been prepared for the MVPs that registered for the Summit but were not able to be there? Wouldn't it be nice for the MVPs who were not able to go to Redmond (even if they have signed up to the Summit) to receive the kits by proving that they have really registered for the Summit?

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