MVPs in the Americas Connect Communities to Microsoft Virtual Academy and Channel 9

MVPs in the Americas have been very busy creating and sharing how-to content on Microsoft’s leading learning channels, Microsoft Virtual Academy (MVA) and Channel 9!

Microsoft Virtual Academy provides free, online training to help developers, IT and data professionals, and students learn the latest technology, build their skills, and advance their careers. Channel 9 also provides lots of great free content for developers, IT pros, professionals and students but is heavily focused on content that is meant to drive community engagement, bringing users into an ongoing conversation.  Recently Channel 9 reached out to MVPs to share content and they have responded in force!  Contributing MVP Trevor Sullivan shared his thoughts on the collaboration.

"Channel 9 has a long history of providing high quality video content surrounding the Microsoft enterprise platform. By extending the ability for Microsoft MVP awardees to publish videos directly to the service, the amount of informational and training materials offered by Channel 9 will dramatically increase. Anyone who is interested in learning about software development, Microsoft Azure cloud services, and a variety of other topics, will have an even greater confidence in the resources that Channel 9 offers."

MVPs in the Americas have created content in English, Spanish and Portuguese around multiple topics, including cloud, gaming, IoT, app development, productivity and a lot more. Here’s a snapshot of just some of the content that’s been created recently.

If you’re an MVP and would like to know how you can contribute, reach out to your Community Program Manager (MVP Lead) and they’ll help you get started. You can also view a ton of great content created and delivered by MVPs for three different MVP Award Program hosted events that were uploaded to Channel 9!  Here they are:

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