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Editor’s note: The following post was written by Windows Expert Consumer MVP Rayda D 



A great product solution plays a big role in a business to have a great team involvement.  Increase your team’s collaboration by sharing Office applications and tools (e.g. OneDrive, Lync, Exchange, and SharePoint) and also review and/or edit the files at the same time.  Work effortless with limited complications with your team while being productive. Take it with you and multi-task anywhere, while on the road and stay current with your Team’s approach towards a goal to be completed.


What does it take to be a good team player?  A good team player uses a great tool to share and collaborate to each other.


Whether you are on the road or sitting in front of your desk, you may share, sync and stay current with your work files.  It is important in a team to keep everybody informed and keep track of the changes of important documents. Your teammate can work at the same time as you, online or offline using any mobility devices – Windows, Apple and Androids.


Brain storm with your Team and use Office 365 applications to edit a Word document, Excel Spreadsheet or a PowerPoint presentation. Exchange your thoughts and converse thru emails or online meetings.



I work on my files remotely anytime that I wish to access thru OneDrive.  It’s a convenience for me particularly if I have to share these files with my Team or a co-worker and able to give them the right permission to edit or read/view the document.





Get organize while managing your daily tasks and work together with secured access on group engagement.



For me, working, planning and projecting together is important using a great tool. I will need it to connect with my colleagues by using web conferencing, instant messaging, Exchange Online, Microsoft Lync and collaborate further with SharePoint thru Workspace, Group Work site, Project Tasks and a lot more. Urgent meetings comes up unexpected and I definitely don’t want to miss important appointments with my team. 



Office 365 is a must have product to improvise your team’s effectiveness. As I have mentioned, effective workflow on planning and projecting is the key to a successful collaboration with your team. Office 365 is an advanced product solution that will make your life easier without worrying on missing a deadline and that these files are secured.

Work effortless with limited complications with your team and ensure that all can be productive. Office 365 has it all for your business needs and compatible with any multi-platform devices.


As an IT Professional, Manager and a Consultant for Small to Medium size businesses – I use (loved the integration to any devices) and administer Office 365 for Workgroup and Domain network infrastructure. It’s truly an honor to share my knowledge thru this Article. Thank you!


About the author

Rayda (or Ray) is a hardworking person and very energetic. She has a full-time job as an IT/Telecommunications Manager in L.A. County working for an environmental remediation company for 16 years. Whenever she finds time, she visits, contributes and devotes her time in a few Forums - Tech Support Forums (home Forum), she also visits Sysnative, Technet, Seven/Eight Forums and write Blogs/Articles/Tutorials on SMBs and Microsoft Products - and These community contributions are very rewarding. Ray is a Windows Expert Consumer MVP, although she’s in a Windows Expert Consumer category, she is also an IT Professional that deals with a variety of Microsoft consumer products – software, hardware for personal and business use. She is keen in learning and discovering new technologies to help advanced her knowledge and share these with others.

When she’s not busy doing online community activities, she plays with her Pekingese dog Poki, eat good food and travels a lot. If you need to find out more about Ray, please read her full interview here:  by James M. Fischer. Follow Ray on Twitter: @Ray2xg


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  1. essenbe says:

    Great article, Ray. Again you have proven yourself very helpful to others. Congratulations again.


  2. ZigZag3143x says:

    Good Blog post Rayda.  Thanks ZigZag3143 MS-MVP

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