The MVP Global Summit: A Virtuous Cycle

The following post was written by MVP Program Event Manager Paulette Suddarth


Widely recognized as one of the most important community events in the world, next week’s MVP Global Summit will be, as it always is, a reflection of the community itself. MVPs are instrumental in every facet of the event, helping us plan and make continual improvements as well as infusing every jam-packed moment with their passion, curiosity and expert insights.

Core to the mission of the MVP Global Summit is the free exchange of ideas between MVPs and Microsoft teams about Microsoft technologies—how they work now and what’s in the works for the future. It provides all of us at Microsoft the opportunity to receive direct feedback from hands-on experts.


And that’s true of the event itself. Last year, after we significantly improved the Summit feedback tool—based on MVP feedback—we gained a record 75% response rate from attendees. This year, we’re hoping to hear from 80% of Summit participants. From the feedback they provide us at the end of each Summit, to their questions and suggestions this year on a private Summit Yammer group, hearing from this community makes all the difference.

This year, we’re fortunate to have the opportunity to hear from a lot of MVPs. In what will be the largest MVP Global Summit in at least a decade, we’re expecting well over 1,800 MVPs and other influencers to fly in from nearly 80 countries to meet with more than 300 Microsoft product team members.


In addition to sharing their valuable feedback, a number of MVPs present their innovations in using Microsoft technologies at the MVP Showcase. This year, sixty-seven MVPs from around the world will demonstrate and answer questions on topics ranging from how the Surface can support students with reading and writing disabilities to developing Universal Windows Applications across multiple form factor devices.

And then the deep dive sessions will begin. MVPs will be invited to participate­­ in nearly 50,000 hours of learning and countless conversations with members of Microsoft’s community and, as part of One Microsoft, sessions will be more broadly available to participants. There also are a number of Microsoft conferences happening in the next week or so, and they will be conveniently located next to the MVP Global Summit so MVPs can make the most of their time here at Microsoft world headquarters.


Throughout the Summit, MVPs can manage their schedule with a cross-platform phone app created by MVPs. This year’s app has been downloaded twice as much as the previous year’s.

Finally, to highlight Microsoft’s vision for the cloud and the amazing contributions MVPs have made in helping people make the move to the cloud, the community will be welcomed at
the closing night attendee party by Captain Cloud and the Community Crew! You can find out more about Captain Cloud and the crew on our Facebook page.

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