MVP Showcase at the MVP Summit

What has quickly become a favorite among attendees at the MVP Global Summit is gearing up for its third installment.  The MVP Showcase, happening this Sunday from 16:00-19:00 at the Hyatt in Bellevue, gives MVPs the opportunity to share their current projects, network and discuss new technological trends.

"The MVP Showcase adds an additional layer of networking, collaboration and fun to the MVP Summit," says Community Program Manager and MVP Showcase organizer, Kari Finn.

MVP Presenters (in alphabetical order):
Adam Driscoll
PowerShell MVP
Title: PowerShell Tools for Visual Studio
Description: Learn about how you can use the PowerShell Tools for Visual Studio to streamline your development through language integration and IDE automation.
Home Country: USA
Alex Danilychev, PhD & Alex Juschin
Remote Desktop Services MVPs
Title: ASK for RDS
Description: Learn how Application ASK (Application Shopping Kart) leverages Microsoft Remote Desktop services to offer self-service capabilities in rapid RDS application provisioning, multi-stage approval with user notification, and simplified published application management by IT departments as well as service providers.
Home Countries: USA, Ireland
Alex Thissen & Samuel Blanchard
Visual C# and Windows Platform Development MVPs
Title: Retro gaming on the Microsoft platform
Description: Come join Alex and Samuel to talk about retro gaming: writing emulators and games for 8-bit and 16-bit game consoles with C#, C++ and C, plus interfacing with classic gaming machines, all using Microsoft technologies.
Home Countries: The Netherlands, France
Alexandre Tarifa, Diego Nogare & Rodolfo Fadino
ASP.NET, SQL and Visual C# MVPs
Title: Minha Vida (My Life)
Description: The biggest health portal in Brazil, helping more than 80 million people every year in Brazil using Microsoft Technologies.
Home Country: Brazil
Alok Kumar Pandey
Title: SageFrame (CMF)
Description: Experience the ultimate power of this ASP.NET Open Source Content Management Framework CMF which allows you to build secure, fast, user-friendly, multilingual, and modular web portals easily.
Home Country: Nepal
Alon Fliess, Shay Friedman, & Pavel Yosifovich
Visual C++, Visual C#, Windows Platform Development MVPs
Title: OzCode for Visual Studio
Description: OzCode is a productivity tool that helps identify and fix bugs during C# debugging. OzCode saves time and effort and ensures that your debugging experience is effective.
Home Country: Israel
Amir Ahani
Visual C# MVP
Title: Human Assist: A Smart Elderly Monitoring System  
Description: Learn how Human Assist helps senior citizens maintain a better quality of life by leveraging a Kinect sensor to monitor their heart rate, breathing rhythms, weight changes, head position, facial expressions and shares significant changes to their family members, doctors and caregivers.  
Home Country: Canada
Benedict Berger
Hyper-V MVP
Title: PDT GUI
Description: Install the complete System Center and Azure Pack stack in two hours instead of two weeks via PDT and PDT GUI.
Home Country: Germany
Bill Wagner & Richard Campbell
Visual C# & ASP.NET MVPs
Title: Humanitarian Toolbox: When disaster strikes, code saves lives. 
Description: We are recruiting MVPs that want to serve as project leads for applications that support disaster relief efforts worldwide.  Use your skills to save lives and help people worldwide.
Home Countries: USA, Canada
Bhargav Shukla
Microsoft Exchange Server MVP
Title: Delivering Layer 7 applications with Azure VMs
Description: Learn how to provide high availability and application specific Layer 7 functionality with Azure VMs
Home Country: USA
Brian S. Friedlander
Surface MVP
Title: Assistive Technology
Description: Learn how the Surface can support students with reading and writing disabilities. Find out about new tools for word prediction, spelling & grammar checking and for reading audio books. Demo of Miracast using ScreenBeam Pro for Education and Office Mix.
Home Country: USA
Choi, Joon
Title: Service Point 2.0
Description: Learn how this solution can provide simple ways to have an integrated view of enterprise services based on Windows, such as analyzing performance by editing monitoring rules, and providing mobile notification service status.
Home Country: Republic of Korea
Daniel Vargas, Jesus Gonzales, Jorge Castañeda, & John Barreto
Windows Expert-IT Pro, Office 365, System Center Cloud and Datacenter Management MVPs
Title: Best practices in Technical Communities in LATAM
Description: MUG Lima, CloudFirst Campus and CLOIT Research Group of the EAN University belong to an initiative that motivates and makes people aware of the Microsoft Cloud Platform, making a real impact in academic and business environments.
Home Countries: Colombia, Perú
Edward Kuo
Visual C# MVP
Title: Easily Co-work for a Virtual Scrum Team
Description: Learn how we've successfully integrated Microsoft Azure, Visual Studio Online and Office 365 to build business infrastructure for customers and enterprise virtual scrum team in Taiwan .
Home Country: Taiwan
Fabrice Barbin, Johanna Rowe Calvi, Nicolas Calvi, & Vincent Guigui
Kinect For Windows / Hardware Interaction Design & Development MVPs
Title: NUI 4 Fun
Description: Protect your city using the power of NUI (Kinect, Tablet, Sensors and Gadgeteer)
Home Country: France
Florian Rappl
Visual C# MVP
Title: AngleSharp
Description: Forget about antique solutions for generating a complete DOM from HTML documents! AngleSharp is an extensible HTML5 and CSS3 parser that can be easily used for running arbitrary scripts, crawling information or rendering pages.
Home Country: Germany
Frank Solinske
Title: Enterprise Security MVP
Description: Enterprise Mobility - the whole Story
See how Microsoft Enterprise Mobility Suite can expand your internal Network with all necessary components for an Enterprise Solution.
Home Country: Germany
Gian Paolo Santopaolo (@gsantopaolo)
Hardware Interaction Design and Development MVP
Title: Developing Universal Windows Applications across multiple form factors devices
Description: Learn how to develop Universal Windows Applications across multiple form factors devices: from 4 to 82 inch screens, to phones, tablets, PCs and multi-touch, multiuser large format displays as Perceptive Pixel by Microsoft.
Home Country: Italy
Gokan Ozcifci &Ed Price
SharePoint MVP
Title: Wiki Ninjas – Collaborate on Microsoft Content & Evangelize Your Expertise
Description: Join us as we explore TechNet Wiki and take a journey through the Wiki Ninja community! You’ll learn about our Interviews with Wiki Ninjas, our Weekly Top Contributors, Monthly TechNet Guru competitions, our competing language communities, and the upcoming TechNet Wiki Summit and Wiki Ninja Belts award system!
Home Country: Belgium
Gregor Biswanger & Christine Krupinski
Windows Platform Development MVP
Title: Social Media Marketing Web-App: CleverSocial
Description: We analyze the target groups from your social media contacts (Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn & co.) and give detail analytics about their behavior. This project is based on Windows Azure, ASP.NET MVC, Web-API and SignalR.
Home Country: Germany
Guanjun Hao MVP
Title: 51Aspx On Azure
Description: Learn how 51Aspx on Azure became the largest .net open source community in China.
Home Country: China
Jack Fox (@foxyjackfoxy) & Ryan Riley (@panesofglass)
Visual F# MVP
Title: Powering the Enterprise with Open Source F#
Description: Learn about writing correct enterprise quality software across platforms and operating systems with Open Source Software from the F# community supported by the F# Foundation,
Home Country: USA
Jamie Dixon
Visual F# MVP
Title: Building the Terminator
Description: If your name is Sarah Connor, you may want to skip this booth. For everyone else, learn how the Terminator uses the Kinect and an external facial recognition service to identify targets, the Kinect and Phidgets/Netduinos to track our targets, and the Dream Cheeky Missle Launcher hack to 'terminate' targets.
Home Country: USA
Jeff Arnett
Windows Embedded MVP
Title: WPF Skin Fragments: A layered approach to UI design”
Description: WPF dynamic skin fragments are “smart” WPF resource dictionaries. A developer can make skins for defining (and enabling customers to dynamically change) WPF application visual elements such as: style, color, animations, size, touch etc.
Home Country: USA 
Jordan Goldmeier
Co-presenters:Rick Grantham and Oz Du Soleil 
Excel MVP
Title: Excel.TV
Description: Check out Excel.TV, a live web series focused around the Excel community, with news, tips and interviews with experts.
Home Country: USA
Josh Blake
Kinect for Windows MVP
Title: Real-World Natural User Interface applications
Description: Come try out the latest real world Kinect for Windows v2 and WinRT touch applications for the education and retail sector!
Home Country: USA
Jungsun Kim
SQL Server MVP
Title: SQLBigEyes Professional
Description: An Xray vision for SQL Server - Focused on heavy load queries in SQL Server performance and reliability for monitoring, analysis, diagnosis, tuning, and troubleshooting to help new concept of real time performance management solutions.
Home Country: Republic of Korea
Ke-Rong Chen
Windows Platform Development MVP
Title: Windows Phone Basketball game & Drama app
Description: Learn about how to use Unity3D engine and toolkit to make windows phone apps
Home Country: Taiwan
Li Chen
Title: SkyLINQ, ASP Classic Compiler and NSession
Description: Learn about open source solutions for dynamic .net code execution in Azure. You’ll learn about solutions from hosting LINQ queries in the cloud using SkyLINQ Pad to dynamic script compilation using ASP. Classic Compiler.
Home Country: USA
Lino Tadros
Visual C# MVP
Title: Building Windows Phone apps with TouchDevelop for High Schoolers
Description: Find out how you can influence the new generation and get them excited to build mobile apps fast while having fun.
Home Country: USA
Mike Halsey
Windows Expert (Consumer) MVP
Title: Community Help and Tutorial Video Production
Description: Extend your community reach by producing your own videos.  Get a primer in editing, production, presentation and the tools required ahead of a full side-session on Thursday at 10am.
Home Country: United Kingdom
Nicolas GEORGEAULT & Vincent BIRET
SharePoint MVPs
Title: EnterpriseBrain and Attribute
Description: Leverage your data and knowledge in Office 365, dynamics and yammer with the Graph, #EnterpriseBrain and Attribute.
Home Country: Canada
Oscar García Colón
Visual Studio ALM MVP
Title: Azure + VS/TFS + SC + Apps Insights = High Performance Organization
Description: Learn how the integration of all ALM tools allows you to have elasticity without boundaries with azure, traceability with TFS and telemetry with SC and Apps insights! 
Home Country: Guatemala
Peter Carson
SharePoint Server MVP
Title: Envision Shakespeare Company SharePoint Website
Description: Learn about a full ALM open source project for developing a responsive public web site and Extranet on SharePoint 2013, leveraging Twitter Bootstrap, friendly URLs, cross-site publishing and catalogs. 
Home Country: Canada
Rob Irving
Windows Platform Development MVP
Title: CoPilot for Windows Phone and the CoPilot Professional Integration Kit
Description: Come check out CoPilot, a mobile navigation app that started on Windows Mobile and Symbian and has now been brought back to the Windows Phone platform. Also learn about the CoPilot Professional Integration Kit, which can be used to bring CoPilot’s powerful guidance and mapping solutions into your own Enterprise Fleet application.
Home Country: USA
Rodrigo Corral & Vicente Cartas
Title: Digital Boss Monster
Description: Digital Boss Monster is a digital adaptation of the popular card game Boss Monster. It is a fully multiplatform game completely written in C# using Visual Studio and Xamarin to run under iOS and Android.
Home Countries: Spain, USA
Sean Kearney @energizedtech & Teresa Wilson @scriptingwife
Windows PowerShell MVPs
Title: Windows PowerShell – Bringing the world together one Cmdlet at a time
Description: Learn about all of the amazing online and free resources for learning and leveraging Windows Powershell including the best ones of all, the people that use it.
Home Countries: Canada, USA
Sebastiano Galazzo
Microsoft Azure MVP
Title: Brain-wave analysis through mobile EEG
Description: Brain-wave analysis is a game changing UX experience, bringing innovation to sport, health and entertainment.
Home Country: Italy
Senthamil Selvan V
Windows Consumer Apps MVP
Title: Sentiment Analysis on MVP
Description: Get to know about yours and other MVPs Sentiment score and contributions using this tool.
Home Country: Singapore
Shehap El-Nagar
SQL Server MVP
Title: SQL Gulf Events ….The new Gulf powerhouse of Microsoft SQL Server
Description: Learn about how the very first Community powered SQL Server event, “SQL Gulf” in the Middle East resurrected the community and built a new and interesting series of events that attracted 100,000 IT Pros and generated great interest and loyalty of Microsoft SQL Server.
Home Country: Saudi Arabia
Simon Ferquel
Visual C++ MVP
Title: Parrot Freeflight 3
Description: Come play with Parrot new generation of minidrones using a Windows tablet or phone. Get in touch with the Windows version lead developer to know how the app is engineered to maximize reuse of low level native code between the 3 major mobile platforms.
Home Country: France
Sung-Ho You
Visual C# MVP
Title: WatchDoing CCTV: The easiest way to make your smartphone or a webcam a security camera.
Description: WatchDoing can simply transform your smartphone or a webcam into a security camera and allows you to monitor your computer, POS, and DID using your smartphone anytime, anywhere.
Home Country: Republic of Korea
Takefumi Araya
Surface MVP
Title: QOOpa: Online Ordering System
Description: Learn about the app that enables customers to use their own devices to order and pay for an order at food and beverage stores.
Home Country: Japan
Tatsuya Ishikawa
Visual C# MVP
Title: Friendly                                           
Description: Friendly is the most efficient automation library for Windows application, containing WinForm, WPF, and Win32 app and can directly call methods or properties through the wall of processes!
Home Country: Japan
Thomas Claudius Huber
Windows Platform Development MVP
Title: CamRT
Description: Home security project that uses a Surface RT to display camera images and to upload them to Microsoft Azure. A Windows Phone App is used to access the images from everywhere.
Home Country: Germany
Tillmann Eitelberg, Oliver Engels, Sascha Dittmann, & Niko Neugebauer
SQL Server, Microsoft Azure MVPs
Title: SSIS & HDInsight
Description: Check out our SSIS HDInsight components to simplify Big Data Integration.
Home Countries: Germany, Portugal
Vinoth Rajagopalan
Windows Embedded MVP
Title: IoT Demonstration: Accessing Azure from a compact 2013 device
Description: Check out e-con systems' IOT demo of a simple security/access control system involving a Windows Embedded Compact 2013 Device with Camera. With Azure services and the cloud, remote monitoring of the device could be done using a Windows Phone.
Home Country: India

Microsoft Teams (in alphabetical order):
Bing Developer Assistant for Visual Studio (formerly named Bing Code Search)
Bing Developer Assistant for Visual Studio combines the functionality of two popular Visual Studio extensions into one: Sample Browser and Bing Code Search. This updated feature enables developers to find and reuse millions of code snippets and code sample projects from within the Visual Studio IDE.
Presenters:  Mei Liang, Pravin Indurkar, Scott Ge, Dan Ruder
C&E International Content Team
The Cloud & Enterprise International team publishes a million words of developer and IT pro content into multiple languages. Do you know that you, as an MVP, can become a curator of our content, improve its technical accuracy and get recognized for your contribution? Find out from us how you can leverage Curah!, Translation Wiki, and other offerings to share your expertise.
Presenters: Sara Nicolini, Yelena House
Customer Service and Support Content & Localization
Tell us!  Q: Do you use translated KB articles? Stop by to share your ideas for self-help solutions for mobile & global. You know what our customers need. You know what our customers use and won’t use. We need your help!  Stop by our booth to give us your candid feedback on the machine translation of KB knowledge base articles. Tell us Q: Do you use language KBs or English KBs? Don’t have time to stop by our booth?  You can email feedback to:  ecomtfbk
Presenters: Martine Smets and team
Innovations in .NET
See the present and the future of .NET in key areas such as the runtime, compiler, and languages as well as the latest innovations for creating native applications and cross-device experiences.
Presenters: Beth Massi and the .NET team
Microsoft Press
At Microsoft Press, we create books and references for every skill level and across the range of Microsoft technologies. We’re here to help you innovate, create, and get things done. Written by industry experts,
Microsoft Press products are available worldwide.
Microsoft Surface
Check out the tablet that can replace your laptop, the Pro Surface 3.
Presenter: Sanjeevini Mittal
We’d like to give a special thanks to the Microsoft Surface Team who is generously sponsoring the event’s sweet treats! The Microsoft Surface Team is actively seeking nominations of strong independent Surface experts who are impacting their communities. If that’s you or someone you know, visit the MVP nomination site
Microsoft Training & Certification
With Microsoft Certification and Training, you can keep your skills relevant, applicable, and competitive. Microsoft Certification is an industry standard recognized worldwide.
Microsoft Virtual Academy
Successful technologists never stop learning and great technology never stops evolving. Microsoft Virtual Academy (MVA) offers online Microsoft training delivered by experts to help technologists continually learn, with hundreds of courses, in 11 different languages.  
.NET OSS Projects Showcase
Microsoft has been fostering open development and collaboration on the .NET platform, and with the creation of the .NET Foundation we are committed to a vibrant .NET Open Source Software ecosystem. Come join a few of the community’s OSS project leaders and learn about .NET OSS projects and how you can get involved.
Presenters: Anthony van der Hoorn, Nik Molnar & Justin Rusbatch  
Office Mix
Office Mix is an easier way to create rich, interactive presentations and share them online.  You can record your presentation while you write and draw on slides, add quizzes, polls, interactive apps, or secure web content.  Your audience can watch your presentation on or nearly device.
Presenters: Tim Richardson and the Office Mix team
Office Pre-Release Programs Team
reImagine Office Together…
Presenters: Wendy Stidmon


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