Transform the Datacenter MVP Roadshow


MVPs are taking their real-world expertise on the road!

"With the many different demands and constraints IT professionals have to deal with every day, it’s far too easy to overlook important new features and approaches that can help dramatically improve daily operations," said MVP Anil Desai.  That's why Desai and fellow MVPs across the United States have joined together to use their real-world expertise and knowledge to help provide solutions to everyday IT, data and mobility issues.

"IT professionals ranging from systems administrators to IT managers, architects, and CTO’s will benefit from learning about how to use Window Server 2012 R2’s features to improve scalability, reliability, performance, and manageability of their complex environments."

The name of the game is infrastructure.  With the right system and platform, IT professionals and organizations can cut costs and tackle the emerging  challenges of mobility and data. With Windows Server, Microsoft System Center, and Microsoft Azure, you can transform the datacenter. You can take advantage of innovation across the datacenter and the cloud to simplify your infrastructure and speed delivery of services. Enterprise-grade virtualization and unified management give you a foundation in your datacenter, while hybrid options give you access to the boundless capacity of cloud. MVPs can help you understand how to keep your business competitive with the Microsoft cloud platform.

The focus of each of these events is to provide real-world, hands on training.  

Register today and begin to transform your datacenter! 

City Date MVP Presenters

San Francisco

9/2/2014 Doug Spindler
Cincinnati  9/20/2014  Kevin Royalty
Tampa 9/22/2014 Adnan Cartwright, Telmo Sampaio, Max Trinidad 
Chicago 9/22/2014 Trevor Sullivan, Annur Sumar, Brian Desmond
Bellevue 9/23/2014  Brian Desmond 
Tempe 9/24/2014 Jason Helmick, Rory Monaghan, David Lundell, Tom Ziegmann
Denver 9/25/2014  Greg Shields
Houston 9/26/2014  Anil Desai
Detroit 9/27/2014  Andy Syrewicze


Comments (2)

  1. Doug Spindler says:

    Fellow MVPs and Roadshow presenters our event is San Francisco was a success.   If you would like the presentation materials we used in San Francisco or would like to copy our agenda please do so or contact me.  

  2. thawatchai says:

    good vereygood   i  wornd  contack  you   comethailand

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