2014 MVP Excel Summit – The Netherlands

Editor's note:  The following post was written by Business Program Manager William Jansen

Microsoft Excel. Just a spreadsheet application? Simple graphing tools? Pivot tables or a series of grids or cells?  I think not, and I believe the Microsoft Excel MVPs would agree!  Power Queries, PowerView and Excel’s Function Library were just a few of the topics delivered by and for the Excel MVPs during the 2014 Excel MVP Summit that took place on May 15th and 16th at Microsoft Netherlands. 

 "We have all contributed to share our knowledge and we learned a lot about these exchanges," said Excel MVP Jan Karel Pieterse

Excel MVPs from as far away as Australia, Canada, USA and the planet Zortran (no, not really) flew in for this Excellent event! Closer to home, MVPs from Belgium, Bulgaria, France, Malta, Netherlands and the United Kingdom were here for two-days of Excel fun and adventure!

Kicking off Day One was Canadian MVP Ken Puls. Ken delivered a gripping session on ‘Power Query to Power Pivot: Building BI Solutions from Text Files.’  His session was followed by UK MVP Charles Williams, who presented ‘Extending Excel’s Function Library.'  The post-lunch sessions kicked off with Dutch MVP Jan Karel Pieterse presenting ‘Creating a Treeview in Excel.’  Day One finished with ‘Dictator Applications; Problems and Solutions’, presented by UK MVP Bill Manville

"It was great to meet some of the MVPs I probably wouldn't have had a chance to meet otherwise and I picked up some useful information as well," said Excel MVP Liam Bastick

Day two sessions started with ‘Building and Selling Excel Add-ins' by MVP Charles Williams, followed by Senior PM Sam Radakovitz’s session on ‘Excel Team Investments’ After another satisfying lunch, Ken Puls retook the stage with 'Date Intelligent Measures, Building a PowerPivot Time Machine' and finally it is was up to Frédéric Le Guen, whose idea sparked the event, to finish up with ‘PowerView and PowerQuery.  



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  1. Jan Karel Pieterse says:

    Actually, credits for the original idea should go to Frederic!

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