MVP Open Days – Argentina

Editor's note:  The following post was written by Community Program Manager Erika Vilches

Best practices, tips and tricks and deep-dive technical discussions were the focal point of the 2014 Argentina Open Days event held in Buenos Aires.   At this event, both MVPs and Influencers get to spend a day inside a Microsoft subsidiary’s core, having the opportunity to meet other experts working with the same products and share their passion and  knowledge with the communities. They also have the opportunity to talk with and get to know the Microsoft employees that drive the product adoption strategies in their country, giving both of them the opportunity to work together in the near future towards a common goal: helping the technological communities and the final users to get the most out of their Microsoft products. 

MVPs from around South America presented on a variety of topics from ASP.NET MVP Gonzalo Eduardo Pérez's "Tips and Tricks - Technical Community Recognition to Windows Expert - IT Pro MVP Daniel Rodrigo Vargas Imbachi's "Train the Speaker" and Software Packaging, Deployment & Servicing MVP Jesús Octavio Rodríguez de Santiago's "Using our Experience and Knowledge to Help Non-Profits"

"It’s an excellent opportunity to strengthen our network of Microsoft technology professionals, and the chance to interact with our MVP lead and local DPE team about how we can build and enhance our community," said Windows Phone Development MVP Ivan Toledo

Felicitaciones to the organizers and MVPs who participated.  Looking forward to seeing you all soon!

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